Rombodhidharma International Temple is located in a small district called Nong Hin, in the northeastern Thai province of Loei. The master at the temple is the Venerable Luang Por Phosri-Suriya Khemarato who gives dharma reflections on the original truth of all nature: non-attachment as it is.

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Written translations of the reflections given by Luang Por Phosri-Suriya Khemarato.

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To Bless without Burden

Let’s bless without having to acknowledge doing it or notifying those who were blessed.

Blessing Visitors Within the Mind

To bless within oneself is through the use of “jñāna” – awareness/perception.

Latest News

Kindness to our Southern Friends Affected by the Floods.

    Venerable Luang Por Phosri-Suriya Khemarato, his followers, and Rombodhidharma International Temple Foundation donated 10,000 aid bags worth 5,542,400 Thai Baht and 600,000 Baht of cash donations to support those affected by the floods in the southern region of Thailand.

Blessing Trips

Blessing Trip in Phu Kradueng (Mountain) National Park, February 2018

Venerable Luang Por Phosr-Suriya Khemarato led approximately 800 followers: monks, nuns, and lay disciples on a blessing pilgrimage up Phu Kradueng (Mountain) National Park from the 6th – 8th February 2018.

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Please contact us as soon as possible if you are thinking of visiting the Temple so that we can arrange suitable accommodation for you.

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This temple does not teach or support the practice of meditation, and days are not structured beyond the morning and evening reflections on the noble truth given by Luang Por Phosri-Suriya Khemarato.

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Here you will find detailed instructions for how to get to the temple by bus, plane, or car.

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