About the Temple

Rombodhidharma International Temple is located in a small district called Nong Hin, in the northeastern Thai province of Loei. The master at the temple is the Venerable Luang Por Phosri-Suriya Khemarato (known as “Luang Por”) who gives dharma reflections on the original truth of all nature: non-attachment as it is.

During the 3 months of Buddhist lent, there are up to 400 monks and 400 nuns registered as residing within the temple grounds, as well as a few hundred lay people.

The temple welcomes all, regardless of race, religion, or language. The serene and simple atmosphere provides the opportunity to release and unwind from everyday struggles and expectations, and to live in a non-attached way.

Living in the non-attached way

At Rombodhidharma International Temple, living in a non-attached way is a means of allowing one to unwind from the pressures of the mind, by relaxing into whatever one may be doing in the present moment.

As the burdens of everyday life ease, the mind can become more open, and this allows one’s experience to expand. It is a central idea in the lifestyle here, but it certainly doesn’t mean that one should sleep or lay around all the time. Relaxing into the current task means not striving or pushing oneself to do things, and following the natural flow of things, which are impermanent by their nature.

Be amongst all phenomena without any obligation to be attached or detached to anything. Even though the body/mind exists, it exists in a way that is non-attached in itself. It is known that all existence is impermanent.

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