Ahosi (Forgiveness)

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If only there is surrendering, there will not be difficulty from being stuck with conceitedness. Thus, to surrender happens through “Ahosi”: to ask for and to give forgiveness. Both giving and asking for forgiveness eliminate further karma.

(Ahosi) is not performed to make good feelings between two parties; it’s not like that; it prevents further karma. This is called the ability to be liberated from all karmic emotions. This “Ahosi” provides the ability to break free from all karmic emotions.

No matter how many layers of each type of karma, whether it’s considered to be something worldly or spiritually related that has been overlaid by delusion, greed, anger, lust, desire, or delusive attachment; karma within the self: body and mind elements; all and any karmic bondages between this existing body/mind, and other beings and other things, clear them all with “Ahosi”: to ask for and to give forgiveness.

Giving and asking for forgiveness provides best results through performing the “Ahosi” with surrender and respect. This will help eliminate all (karmic obstructions).

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