To Bless without Burden

Luang Por Phosri-Suriya Khemarato’s conversation with visitors from Taiwan @ Rombodhidharma Temple: 1st October 2017


***Important vocabulary:
1. ไม่ “Mai” (no grasping/clinging, not-self/anything, non-attachment as-it-already-is)
2. โพล่ง “Plong” (radiating brightness, brightening, brightly shining through)

Let’s bless without having to acknowledge doing it or notifying those who were blessed; use purely the Aa-nú-pâap (Mighty Blessing Power). To give out blessings in this way is beyond the mind and its conditions. Bless without desire to gain disciples or followers; give blessings and then let go.

Whatever the blessed objects may be; whatever kinds of animals, whether large or small in size, radiate brightness for them and be done with it. To bless an ant or a dog with the purpose of having them as your followers is not the way. To bless the Samsara is to clear (delusion for) it; it is not about making followers from the Samsara.

Provide ending for the Samsara so that all living beings will not be fixated to anything altogether; they will relate to one another in the way of “Mai” relating to “Mai”; “emptiness” relating to “emptiness”; “Nibānna” relating to “Nibānna” altogether; there’s nothing relating to anything altogether. This way ends all burdens; even to bless is not a burden. To give only purification and ending is all about giving blessings.

Lead one another to give blessings. Radiate brightness for defilements within the mind, instead of trying to abandon them. To give them brightness is the way to purify them. This way is not about trying to be attached or detached, to hold on to or let go of, or to be bound to or freed from anything. When trying to be liberated from anything, even with a small effort, suffering naturally arises. It’s wrong to struggle for liberation, so let’s give brightness instead. To “Mai” will result in Aa-nú-pâap (Mighty Blessing Power); it is the way of blessing with purely Aa-nú-pâap.

Do not focus on the dying conditions of anyone. Let nature take its course, however radiate brightness to purify the mind of the dying person. Birth, aging, sickness, and death are not real; they are the ever-changing form and formless elements of the body and the mind. In the background of these happenings are karma, delusions, and karmic retributions. Do not pay attention to how worldly beings, other beings, or one’s own self manifest birth, old age, sickness, and death. The end result of these things are delusions and karmic retributions in the background of every mind and soul.

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