Blessing Trip in India, 17-22 October 2017


Venerable Luang Por Phosri-Suriya Khemarato
and 214 followers made a blessing pilgrimage to Triund Mountain in Dharamsala, India, from the 17th-22nd October 2017


Venerable Luang Por lead the group to perform forgiveness statements in order to both request and give forgiveness, and then to make vows to always give blessings to sentient beings. His Dharma reflections emphasised on the resolution to give blessings, and on connecting the perfections of those who bless so that they can eternally and harmoniously bless, without having fixations, conflicts, doubts, or obstructions.


Venerable Luang Por led his followers to open up their minds expansively in order to transmit the mighty blessing power of all Maha Parami (Buddhas/ Maha Bodhisattvas) and Graces from there towards sentient beings in all planes of existence.


Triund Mountain is where the Buddhas and Maha Parami in all Buddhas’ lands and eras unify their perfections. The group made connections with these perfections for blessing fellow beings. They also performed forgiveness statements to request forgiveness from Maha Parami, and from one another.


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