Blessing Trip in Phu Kradueng (Mountain) National Park, February 2018

Venerable Luang Por Phosr-Suriya Khemarato led approximately 800 followers: monks, nuns, and lay disciples on a blessing pilgrimage up Phu Kradueng (Mountain) National Park from the 6th – 8th February 2018.


At the top of the mountain, Luang Por led the group to important spots such as Lan Phrakeaw: the place where enlightened ones, masters, and gurus practiced and resided; the areas around Pha Mark-dook: the place where Luang Por once dwelt and the path along there used for the receiving of alms; Buddha-Metta worship ground: the main holy ground for rituals and ceremonies of the mountain.

Venerable Luang Por reflected the truth of Dharma on the essence of harmonious giving and renunciation, of how to relate in the way of non-attachment altogether, and for all beings to be in the same essence whether near or far to him. He led the group in performing forgiveness statements and also sharing out the blessing power of perfections in all places visited.

May all living beings and all souls, those who both were and were not joined with this Pilgrimage, rejoice in the shining truth of Dharma, and be strengthened to join in following the path of Maha Parami in giving blessings to all beings forever.

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