Blessing Visitors Within the Mind

Luang Por Phosri-Suriya Khemarato’s conversation with visitors from Taiwan @ Rombodhidharma Temple: 1st October 2017

***Important vocabulary:

1. ไม่ “Mai” (no grasping/clinging, not-self/anything, non-attachment as-it-already-is)

2. โพล่ง “Plong” (brightening, brightly shining through)

To bless within oneself is through the use of “jñāna” – awareness/perception. This awareness/perception is the centre for all visitors coming and passing through (the mind). There are various minds from other spirits which send their conditions, and so all kinds of emotions manifest; they interfere and overlay our mind.

Do not use the methods of discarding or abandoning for these (mind conditions), they will not pass through. They manifest for us to bless, so let’s “Plong”; shine through with brightness instead of trying to abandon them. “Plong” to any emotions or feelings, whether they are positive or negative. Regardless of how they manifest, give blessings rather than abandoning them. Bless and purify them instead of trying to break free from them, so that they will dissolve naturally. This way will naturally reach and purify the source of the minds which send such emotions.

The “jñāna” of every mind is the centre for all visitors in this Samsara, therefore bless them well! The word “visitors” means spiritual visitors, manifesting in the forms of certain emotions and conditions of the mind. They come and go as our guests, therefore bless them well!

If anger and other symptoms, or any emotions arise, “Plong” (radiate brightness) for them rather than trying to discard them. If there’s an effort to discard them, they will not pass through; these emotions will manifest again, so let’s bless them instead. 

“Plong” (Brighten) in the way of “Mai” for the emotions themselves. This way will purify and cleanse, until all their roots and seeds (of becoming) naturally vanish. This is not about abandoning, but purifying them.

This is the subject of blessing this Samsara; it is the art of blessing for this Samsara, both within and without. Let’s provide ending and purification. Instead of escaping the Samsara, let’s give ending and purification to it.

Do not use various methods and techniques to bless, otherwise such various ways will create complications. Let’s bless in the way of “Mai”; this way will lighten your workload. Let’s bless well.

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