For simplicity, there is no need to let go of or hold onto anything; that’s all it takes to end (delusion and delusive attachment).Read More →

To worry is useless, for everyone is the same in having it; it will put more heaviness on one another. One must not worry.Read More →

If one is stuck in the state of ekaggatā (one-pointedness, unification of mind, or single-pointed concentration), let’s “Mai” so there will not be anything or anyone in that state.Read More →

“Mai” must be in the way of awakening and brightening out; “awaken out” in the way of “Mai”, then release out from this “Mai” (non-attachment).Read More →

It is good to play the recordings of Luang Por’s dharma reflections for the souls and spirits back where you live, so that when they are relieved, and shine with the truth from listening to them, they will not hold you down.Read More →

Later generations are stuck with the integration of how to teach dharma. These dharma teaching integrations are formed up to teach and restrict within specific methods; they are not flexible or adaptable.Read More →

Do not get stuck with using precepts, meditation, meditative absorption, special insight, wisdom, or mindfulness to delude yourself, so that delusion will stop and all (delusive attachments) will end.Read More →

There is a story told about a group of giants at Buddhabadh Buabok Temple, a zone which is giant territory.Read More →

Ways and forms of teaching, education, and passing-on of teachings are made-up integrations; they are a structure (of teaching), but are not complete. Read More →