General Visitor Information


If you are thinking of visiting the temple please contact us with your confirmed travel dates so that we can arrange suitable accommodation for you. Availability/type of kutti (temple house) depends on time of year and how full the temple is.

If you have special requirements, such as air conditioning, wifi/internet connection, special dietary requirements etc. then you are advised to make your own arrangements outside of the temple.


Foreign visitors are responsible for ensuring that they have a valid visa for the duration of their stay, and must report to the Deputy Abbot’s office upon arrival at the temple in order to register their stay with the local authority. Please check with the Thai Consulate in your home country for further details on how to obtain a visa for Thailand.

Cost of Living at the Temple

There is no charge for staying at temple. However, if one wishes to help support the temple, they are welcome to do so in whatever form(s) they choose, including helping with temple work, bringing food or useful items for the monks and nuns, or providing a monetary donation. The amount of the donation, if anyone chooses to make one, and the amount of support they feel willing and/or able to provide for the monks and nuns, is up to them.

What should I bring with me?

Clothing and Appearance

Many people who come to visit the temple prefer to wear white clothing, however this is not compulsory, and many of our residents prefer to wear the brown colour of the robes worn by our nuns. There is a sewing room and shop at the temple where appropriate clothing (t-shirts, trousers, skirts etc.) can be purchased. However, you can wear anything you like, providing it is appropriate for a temple environment i.e. shorts should reach below the knees, shoulders covered, no tight/see-through/revealing tops. Excessive make-up, perfume/aftershave, and jewellery are also not encouraged. Slip-on shoes and light clothing suitable for very warm weather is appropriate for most of the year. November through to February can sometimes have chilly nights, so a sweater or jacket can be useful during those months. It may also be useful to bring a rain jacket and umbrella during the rainy season (July – October).

Toiletries and Supplies

Bring your usual toiletries, a small flash-light, a towel, and a light sleeping bag and/or sheet if you have one. Bedding can be provided, however there may be occasions when temple supplies are insufficient due to the number of guests already staying. There is no laundry service within the temple.

Food and Drinks

Cooked food (mainly vegetarian, though meat is sometimes served) is provided only once a day following the morning reflection. You may find it useful to bring a container in order to take additional food for the rest of the day. If you have specific dietary requirements please make your own arrangements.

Drinking water is freely available throughout the temple, therefore it is useful to bring a refillable bottle to carry around with you.

Electrical Appliances

Electricity at the temple is restricted to a few hours in the morning and evening, and some kuttis are equipped with solar electricity systems, which is not suitable for high-consumption appliances such as hair-dryers, rice cookers, hot water boiler, blenders etc. Whilst there is no restriction on bringing electronic devices to the temple, over-use is not encouraged. Please also be aware that playing loud music or other forms of entertainment are strongly discouraged, particularly as they can disturb other residents.

*Wi-Fi is not available at the temple.*

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