K̄hạnti Śūnyatā (There’s nothing/no-one tolerating anything.)

Dharma Reflections by Luang Por Phosri-Suriya Khemarato @Phu Kradueng Dharma Centre: 17th September 2017


***Important vocabulary:
1. ไม่ [Mai]: to disregard and cut all; no grasping/clinging; not-self/anything; non-attachment as-it-already-is
2. อดทน [Ot-thon]: endure; bear; be patient; put up with; tolerate
3. ขันติธรรม [K̄hạnti ṭham]: tolerance/toleration
4. สุญตา [Śūnyatā]: emptiness and voidness; empty of intrinsic existence

To “Mai” has nothing to do with “tolerance”, however it liberates (one) from being tolerant. This “Mai” frees one from trying to tolerate; it also free one from the feeling of “hard-to-bear”. To tolerate is the same as the feeling of hard-to-bear. To be in the way of “Mai” will liberate one from this. The feeling of hard-to-bear happens because of clinging; being clingy and enduring. These are not the way to be.

Let’s be in the way of “Mai”: there’s nothing/no-one tolerating anything. To “Mai” well will result in eliminating the feeling of hard-to-bear. Don’t tolerate or not tolerate. Don’t try to be tolerant, because this is the same as trying to repress or suppress. The way of “Mai” leaves no trace. When there’s no trace, this is beyond apparent goodness; all vanishes.

Tolerance is suffering; it is a made up thing. Actually, nothing/no one has to tolerate anything; in fact, there are no limitations; nothing is limited within itself. However, tolerance gives birth to limitation; it is noticeable that there is an extent of endurance, feelings of bearableness or unbearableness; all of these are restricting.

Actually, there is nothing/no one has to tolerate anything. That is called “Śūnyatā”. To have “K̄hạnti” (toleration) means to have it in the way of “K̄hạnti Śūnyatā”: it’s not about tolerating or not tolerating anything; this way is well tolerable.

Be in the way of “Mai”, and “Mai” in the way of awakening. To awaken in the way of “Mai” results in being truly awakened. True awakening means to also release out of the awakening state. Through “Mai”, the awakening will be true, pure, and bright.


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