Pouring Water of Blessing


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The most important practice regards (sharing) the fruits of merits and perfections (Parami) of all types. For an endless number of lifetimes, we’ve been stuck with praying and begging for our own good, but have hardly shared out our perfections, and this pitfall prevents us from clearing our karma and karmic debts.

It’s not about us giving only material things, but non-material things as well.

The results of all our merits, blessed fortune, and perfections, which we’ve received through sacrificing and giving to any beings in any realm of existence, the world, and Samsara, have already turned into fine non-material benefits; let’s declare to share them out to all beings in every realm of existence, every vengeful spirit and holy benefactor residing in each realm of existence, including those we haven’t yet met. Otherwise, we might have to go and pay back karma and karmic debts with certain groups of beings in different realms of existence in times to come, which would be exhausting.

Let’s speak and think about the Great Blessed Fortune, perfections, and merits made from every lifetime, or any Buddha’s time in which we’ve been born in the same period as the Buddha, Arahants, or Gurus who are Bodhisattvas or Maha-Bodhisattvas, who have lead us in sacrificing, then share out all those blessings. Respectfully engage all perfections made together with them in any lifetimes, and share (the blessings) with all groups of beings in all realms of existence.

Listen to this: sharing (blessings) through thoughts will be acknowledged by beings in higher realms of existence only. Beings in middle and lower realms of existence don’t have delicate enough spiritual insight to acknowledge the givers’ thoughts, so they cannot receive (the blessings). Therefore, for beings in the middle realms of existence, share one’s perfections through the method of speaking. Speak and think of giving often, and be intent on giving often, so that desire and greed will be eliminated. Beings in middle realms of existence can acknowledge (our giving intention) through mediums such as the voice, or the smell of incense. For beings in the lower realms of existence, such as hungry ghosts, demons, hell beings, and animals, use the method of pouring blessing water as a medium because they are too crude and rough to receive or rejoice (in our blessings).

To pour blessing water as a medium is called “Yard-Narm” or “Gruad-Narm” (in Thai language). It is fine to pour water of blessings in the bathroom, wash basin, sink, or anywhere; whether on a deck, on the ground, above the ground, or in the air, water reaches every atom of worldly elements. The popular belief that water always flows downwards is not always so; cloud and fog that float above in the air are all components of water. There are rivers and water-ways throughout the universe; everything intertwines within the system of impermanence, composed of the four elements of earth, water, wind, and fire. Don’t be mistaken that blessing water must always be poured onto the ground; when in an airplane over any country, when the food is served, it is fine to pour blessing water into a cup or food tray.

Be diligent in giving non-material things: the fruits of merits, fortune, and perfections, to compensate our past prayers for them here and there, which were always for ourselves. Now, when we want to let go, we cannot; karmic retributions and fortunes prevent us from letting go, leading us to rejoice in the fruits of merits and making us stuck with being creators and receivers of the results. In order to end the karmic cycle, don’t get stuck with being a creator or receiver of the results, then enlightenment will be possible. This way ends the karmic cycle; blessing sentient beings will be easier, for we just have to lead them to ending and extinction (of delusion) only, without the struggle of karmic payback to one another.

Be diligent in giving, many times a day; do it also at night, do get up to pour blessing water. Speak (words of giving) to all lives and souls, humans and non-humans, whoever comes in contact with us. There are many of them in one day, especially for those who have a lot of merits: they are always surrounded by other souls and spirits.

Some people have done many good deeds, but they rarely pour blessing water to share out their perfections; they give through their thoughts only.

Listen well: (giving through) thoughts can be acknowledged with gratitude by beings in higher realms of existence who possess delicate minds and spiritual insight, but those in middle and lower realms cannot acknowledge them. For beings in the middle realms, we must use speech and voice or light incense sticks to tell them what blessings are being given; speak out for them all to be a part (of our perfections). For beings in the lower realms, use water as a medium. If one is diligent, one can fill a bottle, jar, or any container with tap water, and pour to cover all realms of existence.  Karma and karmic debts will be gone; worry, over-concern, and attachment to one another and groups of beings in this world and Samsara will be gone.

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