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“Soh” is the accumulation of all blessings; the word “Soh” means goodness. It is the full grace of the Triple Gems, and accumulated goodness from all perfections; it is blessing. “Soh” is to let go and (be) empty.

Sublime (blessing word) usage results in transmission of sublime perfections. All of us are like branches of perfections, like a tree that has lots of branches; any branch can be a refuge for various beings, therefore let’s come and give together.

“Soh” to release, let go, and be empty; to empty out and clear away (delusion and fixation.) “Soh” without purpose to gain anything.

In the Northeastern dialect it’s called “Soh Tim”; this “Soh Tim” means “to discard.” This discarding is merely “Soh” that lets go, releases, and empties out; these are all the same. This “Soh” means to let go, to release, and to be empty, and at the same time to be without fixation to anything. It also means to give; it is giving.

When we send out “Soh”, it states that we’ve already done the giving. No matter what we have: any type of perfections; and no matter how much our minds could shine and release, it is always “giving” when we send out “Soh”. It is also the giving of release and brightness to fellow beings; everything is included in that (“Soh”); let’s use it.

Knowing the significance of it or not; knowing its details or not; wondering if it’s received or not, do not pay any attention. Let’s use it; let’s start giving; it will be productive. It is a good thing; when starting to use it, it will be effective right away.

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