Travel Instructions

By Bus

It is possible to get to the temple from anywhere in Thailand by bus. It is easiest to contact a bus company yourself and have them help you with the connections you will need, and there are many bus companies (some are listed below). You can search online via Google, or walk into your nearest bus station and ask them directly. Prices vary depending on the company and type of bus e.g. VIP.

Buses from Bangkok leave from Morchit Bus Station. Buses from Chiang Mai leave from the Arcade Bus Station.

It is suggested that you copy the address (in Thai) at the bottom of this page to show when purchasing your ticket and to the bus driver.

12Go Asia

Book online:

Thai Bus Ticket Agency

Telephone: 022696999

The Transport Co. Ltd 

Telephone: 02936285266 / 02936284148 / 029360657 Extension: 605/602

Book online:

By Plane   

Flights to Loei from Bangkok Don Mueang airport operate daily with Nok Air and Air Asia (Don Mueang is on the other side of Bangkok from Suvarnabhumi Airport – shuttle buses run between the two airports, or you can take a metered taxi). Loei Airport is about 50 minutes by taxi from the temple (around 600 Baht).

Nok Air

Telephone: 1318 Book online:

Air Asia

Telephone: 025159999 Book online:

By Car

If you are driving from Bangkok, use highway #2 (Mittaphap Road) Northeast toward Nakhon Ratchasima. Turn left on highway #201 and stay with this highway all the way to the temple. You will pass through Chaiyaphum province, then through Chum Phae district. You will then enter Loei province through Phu Kradeung district. The temple is located on the left side of the road approximately 30km from Phu Kradeung.

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